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Hi there and welcome to uberinspections.us. You know, the inspection process of your vehicle is just one of about five criteria that have to be fulfilled before you or green lighted or before you can go on the road, right. They will want to see an active driver’s license. They want to see up-to-date registration papers of your vehicle. They’ll want to see a comprehensive insurance coverage, under your name, that matches the vehicle and they all want to see an inspection. They also want to have your bank details because they will want to transfer the monies, your weekly earnings into your account. So, when it comes to their inspections, all I can say is take that car in super clean shape inside and out to the inspection. Inspection doesn’t take more than ten minutes. They go over very basic stuff. They’ll measure the tires, make sure that they are in order, make sure that the windscreen wipers work, make sure that the windows work, make sure that the air conditioning works and then most important of all, that your car’s not dinged up and has scratches. That’s where they will fail you, guaranteed. So, if you have a brand new vehicle, you have nothing to worry about. If you have an old car, you could still make a very old car look super duper, seriously. Get it valeted, get it cleaned. Go in with the best attitude. Be kind. Be polite to the guys and you will get it passed, no problem. So I’m available 365 if you have any questions. I’m known as the Rideshare Professor, rideshareprofessor.com. I have tons and tons of videos for you there and show you how to make 20-30% more than the average driver. Have a great day.

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